I'll support you to make lifestyle changes that for the first time you can actually sustain, you'll feel free around food and you'll learn to love your body. I'll teach you how to move away from unfavourable habits and how to create healthier ones in a gentle way so you won’t feel deprived or hungry.

Behaviour Change is now a well-researched area in Health Coaching and, in combination with no judgement, compassion, patience and authenticity, I will fully support you to take control of your health and create the best version of yourself.


Key elements in my Health Coaching practice, that make this programme unique:

  • Working with you to combat ‘all or nothing’ thinking.

  • Supporting you to think of lifestyle changes as a series of small steps and targets.

  • Ensuring you don’t try to change too much in one go.

  • Allowing room for sabotage and preparing you for this.

  • Holding you accountable, to encourage growth, confidence and success.

  • Creating tailor-made programmes – because everyone is unique.


Say hello to the best version of you.

A positive first step to you becoming a healthier version of yourself can start today with a free discovery call.

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Feel free around food & your body for good

Have you spent a lot of your life feeling miserable or guilty around food, your weight or the way you look?  Do you worry about every bit of food or drink that enters your mouth or do you give yourself a hard time for having no self control.


Have you tried every fad diet, read every weight loss book and wondered about the 'miracle' products that we are bombarded with daily, it's easy to become confused and unhappy.

I want you to know that I get you! I have been doing the same since I was 11 years old (I know!!!). It's taken me until 48 years old to finally feel free around food, to eat the foods I enjoy and that make me feel healthy and energised. To finally look in the mirror and not hate what I see and to have settled at a constant weight that I am happy with.


It's not difficult to do you just need the right method, the right accountability and support. That's where I come in......


So if you would like to find out how I can help you then,

- Book a free call with me to discuss your challenges or

- Book my 21 Day programme to start to heal your relationship with food and reprogramme your body and mindset around food

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