Through experience, I also know that maintaining interest is key. I achieve this by integrating a wide range of training disciplines and methods in my programmes. This also helps to ensure your body is constantly being challenged, and therefore becoming fitter, leaner, stronger, more flexible, stable and agile – trust me, the hard work will pay off!


To give you an insight into how our Personal Training sessions work, I start with a warm up that gently raises your heart rate. I then increase the pace according to your fitness level, focusing on a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance training exercises. I end the sessions with a cool down and some stretching


You’ll feel amazing afterwards!

personal training - fast breathing

When it comes to Personal Training, I cater for all fitness levels, ages and body types. I'm all about choice too – I can host our sessions in your home, office, local park or even remotely, all at a time to suit you. Prefer small groups to one-to-one sessions? That’s fine too!


Whenever and wherever you choose to participate in your Personal Training sessions, I’ll make sure I get to know you, your body, and your health and fitness goals – after all, I recognise that everybody is individual and therefore require a unique programme in order to meet your goals. 

I will help you stay motivated and get the results you desire.


Single sessions or special offers for 5 or 10 sessions are available. 

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