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Pilates on demand and all live Zoom classes are available as a separate monthly package.


Get unlimited access to all live zoom classes and the full library of on demand videos.

I work your body from head to toe and you'll finish every class feeling worked, energised and stretched. 

All classes cater for every level. There are lots of options given throughout so you work at your own pace. 

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best value for money.

Do more in your own time

In case you can't make our live classes, get access to a large library of full and shorter length Pilates classes. New classes added regularly.


There are classes suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced.


Create a committed Pilates practice anytime from the comfort of your own home.

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I teach Pilates as it was designed to be taught; I’ll empower you to use your body to its true potential and to optimise balance, posture, spinal strength and flexibility – all of which will help to undo years of stress and poor habits.


The controlled yet flowing nature of Pilates helps muscles work evenly in everyday activities, it is suitable for everyone, including those returning from injury, looking to build fitness or simply relieve stress. Whatever your goals, my Pilates classes are a fun way to achieve them.


In each class, I combine classical Pilates exercises with fun creative sequences – this works to stretch and strengthen muscles, open joints and release tension. As many of the deeper muscles are worked together, the exercises will also help to build stamina and strength.


Whether you’ve tried Pilates before or not, my classes will challenge you and leave you feeling energised and positive.

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The perks of practicing Pilates:


  • Building core stability

  • Strengthening the back and abdominals

  • Improving posture and spinal alignment

  • Toning and elongating muscles

  • Developing co-ordination and body awareness

  • Enhancing mobility, flexibility and agility

  • Improving circulation and breathing

  • Alleviating pain and tension

  • Relieving stress and boosting energy

  • Preventing injuries and aiding rehabilitation

  • Enhancing the connection between body and mind

  • Promoting better sleep