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“I have been training with Breathe for over a year and I have seen amazing results. I was never very keen on exercise, but have now discovered how much I actually enjoy our sessions. After having 2 children, my aim was to loose a bit of the extra weight and get into a healthier lifestyle. Danni helped me to achieve this with a fun and interesting workout. She is passionate about exercising, very professional and knows exactly how hard to push me depending on my physical state at that time. I always felt refreshed and positively shattered at the end of our sessions. Danni, thank you so much for showing me how fun getting fit can be!”  

Andrea, UK

"I have been using Breathe for approximately 7 months now, and have nearly achieved my goal of losing 25Kg. We are less than half way through the full programme and I have already lost 13Kg! The sessions are great fun and I feel like a new man after every one of them."

Kieran, Dubai

"I was always worried about going to the gym which is why I decided to try Breathe. After a months training now, I have much more confidence and self-esteem and actually go to the gym on my own on the days when I'm not being trained." 

Carol, Dubai

"I always believed I was fit, but I smoke regularly and thought I needed to do something about my decreasing health levels. After the vigorous programme that I was put onto, I have drastically reduced my smoking and can perform different sports without feeling short of breath!"

John, Dubai

"I have been working out in different gyms for many years but was losing faith in myself as I just wasn't getting the results I was after. Danni has motivated me to train harder than I ever would by myself. Results are now much easier to achieve."

Steve, Dubai

"I love that the sessions are supportive, calming and challenging whilst being reassuring. I always want to try really hard even though there’s no pressure."

Zoe, UK

"I like that it's different every time, I like that it's not a slow class and even though it's only once a week I do you can still see a difference in your body. It's an intimate class and friendly. The only thing I do miss on zoom is the chatting. But obviously that's down to Covid! But when I eventually go away, I will still be able to join the class if I want to."

Claire, UK

"The classes are friendly, strengthening and welcoming. Danni puts you at ease and is energetic, strong, supple and professional – Karen (UK)

I’ve been doing Pilates for many years and I’m always amazed how Danni can come up with new and different moves each week. Her classes are never boring and the hour whizzes by. She manages to push you just enough so that you feel that you’ve achieved without any danger of hurt or damage. She’s the best!! "

Gem, UK

"It’s great for my back and gives me focus. Great core exercises that can be adapted to suit my level. Changes weekly so doesn't get boring or predictable. I guess it’s also important to note that as it’s a small class you know our weaknesses and limitations so you make sure we don’t do anything that will cause damage (unlike previous class I did)."

Georgina, UK

"Danni has a real love and passion for Pilates which shows through her class. Amazing teacher who adapts the practice to the various needs of her class. Have really benefited myself from the classes which work whether on Zoom or when we could meet in the hall. A fun hour on a Monday evening and love it when the cat makes an appearance."

Alison, UK

"What's great about Breathe...

1. Variety of exercises and techniques. I’ve never done the same work out twice and so it never gets boring
2).Danni is excellent at striking the balance between making the workouts challenging, but not impossible

3. Danni is 100% reliable and professional

4. She has great gym clothes
5. I love chatting with her"

Celia, UK

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